Deodorant Diary

In my attempt to switch to a chemical free life, I started with the personal hygiene items that I “need” to use on a daily basis. These items include soap/body wash, toothpaste, deodorant and then not so daily shampoo and conditioner. While there are many recipes for each of these, I started with what I had on hand or could easily obtain.

I have already been using oils to clean my skin, that was easy. Toothpaste was also an easy transition. Deodorant is the last item on my “need” list. Hair care has proven to be a little more challenging, so that will require more reading before my next attempt.

Day 1-
Dear Diary,
I really want to read more about natural deodorant ingredients, but I also really just want to get started. Maybe I’ll just put a little dab of this coconut oil I have under my arms while I read more.

Day 2-
Dear Diary,
I got so busy yesterday I didn’t get to finish reading about deodorant. I cut the grass and did a few other sweaty chores, but I don’t remember any body odor or much sweat. I’ll have to try that again…and read more on natural deodorant.

Day 3-
Dear Diary,
Ugh! Our ac froze yesterday! Thankfully it’s been overcast and only 87* Although I think it’s 90*+ in the house. Still no b.o.! I have to read more about deodorant today. One of my friends said she uses a coconut oil recipe, gotta look this up!!

Day 4-
Dear Diary,
Put on my coconut oil and started looking up various recipes and benefits of coconut oil. Sweat is good! I already knew that, but the smell isn’t. Coconut oil can be used alone because it has antibacterial properties, but isn’t known to destroy odors, that’s where the various recipes come in. Other ingredients such as baking soda, arrowroot and specific essential oils help to eliminate odor and absorb sweat. 
So now, to find those perfect combinations of oil, powder and essential oils to work just right and smell really good!

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