Plastic Bottle, Funnel, Planter

2 Liter Bottle?
So, I went to make laundry soap today and I couldn’t find a funnel…again. If you have kids, you know funnels and kids go together, especially at bath time. Hats, tee-pees, megaphones, it’s probably in their toy box. That’s a job for another day.

So, what can I use for a funnel? It has to be small enough to fit in the top of a gallon “milk” jug, but big enough to comfortably pour into from a pot. A 2 liter bottle! If I cut it in half I have the perfect size funnel for the job.

Cutting a 2 liter bottle in half not only gives me the perfect funnel, but also a cute little planter.

Now, to finish my laundry soap.

What have you used for a funnel in a pinch?

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