Summer “Vacation”

“What I Did Over My Summer “Vacation”

It’s been a busy summer and an even busier start to Fall.  We’ve been working hard re-organizing and updating our Chicken Wranglers Facebook Page and Blog. We’ve been moving our back yard city farm around to make better use of the space before the Fall garden has to go in and researching and experimenting with many all natural recipes.

While working hard over the summer, we planned some time CWDuck3off for 4th of July, VBS, two birthdays and getting ready to start school. Then there are those things we didn’t plan to take time off for. The first weekend in September, our AC broke. Here in Florida, that’s no laughing matter. Thank God for overcast days and friends with an AC business! Right after that, something came up and we decided to get some ducklings. They had to stay in the house for another week until they were big enough to go outside. (post coming soon…and a duck house) Then, One of our CWDuck3.1hens escaped and was attacked by the dog. We had to bring her in for a couple of days to recuperate. She went in a dog crate next to the ducklings in the kiddy pool…in my dining room. (post coming soon). As if that wasn’t enough, we have been talking about replacing some older girls who aren’t laying anymore, so we got more chicks!

Today, the AC works but has started making a banging/dripping sound (I might need to call him again), school has kind of started, the duck house is built but not painted, the hen is doing fine, ALL the animals are back outside. Back to a bit of normalcy…

Just when I thought it was safe…my daughter wants to change my blog host/provider because she prefers another and has to make a blog for a class assignment. She’s been doing some of my technical work on the blog, so she’s been switching things over all afternoon. This is my first new post from this new CWDuck3.2blog. What do you think? Do you like her ducky pictures? I think they’re gorgeous. She also took over this post while I was doing something for my younger daughter and I had no idea what was going on. And then she I wrote the last few lines of this.

What did you do this summer?

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