Raw, Real, Soaked, Fermented and Sprouted – Part 1 “Defined”

I first started really looking into “Real Food” about a year ago. We ate kind of healthy, a mix of raw foods, processed foods and fast food. I thought we were doing better than most Americans.  The more I read, the more I discovered there are a lot of people out there eating better than my family. So, I guess we’re somewhere in the middle…?CWRawfoods

As I continued to transition to healthier foods, I came across terms like “raw”, “real”, “soaked”, “fermented” and “sprouted” foods. Although I knew what these words meant, I didn’t know the full purpose and benefits. I thought only those health nut people ate that way and I really didn’t think there were enough benefits to justify the effort. But here I am trying to fix my family’s health issues and live better, revisiting these familiar but renewed terms.

Raw Food Uncooked or unprocessed foods. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized milk products, nuts, seeds, legumes, uncooked eggs and some meats… The purpose of eating raw foods is that the low or no cooking keeps all the nutrients whereas cooking above 115* kills most if not all the nutrients.

Real Food  Anything God created, anything that can be grown or raised without processing or packaging. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, animal products…

Soaking  Just as it sounds, soaking foods for a period of time before using them. This improves texture, taste, cleanliness and health benefits.  Here is a great article from Nourished Kitchen that explains almost everything about soaking foods, including the reduction of Phytic Acid which can hinder the bodies absorption on certain nutrients causing bone deterioration, cavities and even cancer.

Fermenting  Using yeast or bacteria to ferment foods or liquids. Sauerkraut, yogurt and strong cheese are fermented foods you might be familiar with. Fermenting creates various probiotics, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. *It must be done correctly with adequate sterilization. Here is a link from Soundness of Body and Mind  for a very popular fermented drink called Kombucha. We will be trying this very soon.

Sprouting  This involves soaking your beans, seeds grains…and letting them start to germinate. Once they do, they are packed full of more nutrients and vitamins for a short time.

Now to get started putting these into practice.

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