Ten by 10:00

A couple of years ago, in one of my many attempts to get more organized, I came across a little tip that I keep coming back to “Ten by 10”. I’ve searched for it since then to see what other information I might have missed, but nothing close comes up. If you find it, please let me know.

The idea is to list ten things you want to get done by 10:00 am. It might sound like a lot for some or some of you might be thinking, “I do ten things by the time my feet hit the floor”. Either way, I found it very useful. Here are my ten by 10.

  1. Get dressed. This includes brushing my hair as if I’m going out.
  2. Feed the animals. Everyone is ready to go when the sun wakes up.
  3. Quick stretches and planks. I’m in the middle of a 30 day plank challenge. Ugh/Yea.
  4. Morning “teas”. I have a shot of lemon water while I put the kettle on for my “honey tea”.
  5. Morning Devotions. I try to get something in before the kids wake up, even if it’s only a chapter in Proverbs.
  6. Blog. if the kids aren’t up yet, I can squeeze in a few minutes to jot down some ideas, do some research or put the finishing touches on something to publish.
  7. Love on my kids when they get up. I have always said, “Good morning, I love you” to my kids when they wake up. There also might be some hugging, a kiss and a snuggle (I hope 🙂 ).
  8. Feed the people! My boys wake up hungry, even though my little one is up by 8 and the other by…well let’s just say I usually have wake the older one up.
  9. Chore of the day. Monday and Thursday are garbage days.  Wednesday and Friday are laundry days (or as needed). Tuesday and Saturday I pick something small I’ve been wanting/needing to work on- cleaning out the frig or cleaning out a toy basket, something like that. Sunday is a day of rest.
  10. Plan the day- meals and activities. This includes trips to school and the store, chores, projects, school and fun.

Was this tip helpful to you? What are your ten by 10?

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