Before The Holidays – 1 Week Out

Last week I started with the yard and repairs. This week I’ve moved inside for some deep cleaning. It’s time to break out, refill and use all those nice natural chemical free cleaners I’ve been making.

To make natural cleaners yourself look HERE.

To buy some I’ve already made, look HERE.

The goal for today is to restock all my cleaning supplies, make a list of what I want to accomplish this week and start from the ceiling down. I think sweeping cobwebs out of the corners and cleaning the ceiling fans is a great start.

The 1 Week Out/Holidays are Coming/Deep Cleaning List:CWDirtyFan
M-Restock cleaning supplies
M-Sweep cobwebs
M-Clean ceiling fans and fixtures
M-Start by cleaning 1 cabinet inside and out
T-Wash Holiday linens
T-vacuum curtains
T-wipe down walls (child graffiti)
T-wipe off all baseboards
W-Clean off desk (could take all day)
R- Clean out and wipe down fridge
R-Wipe down all furniture and bookshelves
F-Clean upholstery
F-Make sure bathrooms are stocked
F-Finish up anything that isn’t done
F-Make a Holiday menu and shopping list
F-Buy turkey
Did I forget anything? I hope not. I’ll have to keep this list for next year.
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