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Before The Holidays – 1 Week Out

Last week I started with the yard and repairs. This week I’ve moved inside for some deep cleaning. It’s time to break out, refill and use all those nice natural chemical free cleaners I’ve been making.

To make natural cleaners yourself look HERE.

To buy some I’ve already made, look HERE.

The goal for today is to restock all my cleaning supplies, make a list of what I want to accomplish this week and start from the ceiling down. I think sweeping cobwebs out of the corners and cleaning the ceiling fans is a great start.

The 1 Week Out/Holidays are Coming/Deep Cleaning List:CWDirtyFan
M-Restock cleaning supplies
M-Sweep cobwebs
M-Clean ceiling fans and fixtures
M-Start by cleaning 1 cabinet inside and out
T-Wash Holiday linens
T-vacuum curtains
T-wipe down walls (child graffiti)
T-wipe off all baseboards
W-Clean off desk (could take all day)
R- Clean out and wipe down fridge
R-Wipe down all furniture and bookshelves
F-Clean upholstery
F-Make sure bathrooms are stocked
F-Finish up anything that isn’t done
F-Make a Holiday menu and shopping list
F-Buy turkey
Did I forget anything? I hope not. I’ll have to keep this list for next year.
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raw, REAL, soaked, fermented and sprouted

This previous post talks about “raw” foods being anything in it’s natural state (whole) that is unprocessed, unrefined and uncooked (or cooked under 100*).  This includes all the food groups, even sweeteners which would include honey, maple syrup…


“Real” foods are similar to “raw” foods in that they are all natural from their origins, plants or animals. They can all also be soaked, fermented or sprouted. The difference is they can be cooked to any temperature. They are not limited to 100*. These are God made and man prepared without commercial processing. Think about something your grandmother would be making.

You can find information supporting both sides of the cooked-vs-uncooked debate. Here are the pro-cooked claims. Some foods are more nutritional when they’re cooked. Cooking meat, for example releases it’s nutrients and brings out it’s flavor. Some vegetables are said to release phytonutrients when cooked which are easier for the body to absorb this way. Cooking broccoli breaks down goitrogen which affects the thyroid. Cooking can kill bacteria such as E. Coli. Sometimes cooking just makes food more palatable. Cooking is not limited and includes steaming, baking, broiling, boiling, roasting, frying, sauteing, grilling… Food should not be charred, as this is carcinogenic(cancer causing).

More on Raw and Real foods:

Obviously raw fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, whole grains, grass-fed and wild meats, raw dairy products, natural sweeteners and local eggs are all raw and real foods. From here on out, you’ll have to do a little investigating. *Refined white sugars, grains and rices are NOT raw or real.

Most foods in boxes are processed and therefore NOT real. Frozen foods can be healthier than fresh in stores because the nutrients are sealed in right away. Look for single ingredient packages, no sauces, no cheeses, no rices nor pastas. Whether boxed, packaged, bottled or frozen, check the labels for the number of ingredients and what those ingredients are. Look for obvious signs such as lists of numerous and unrecognizable ingredients. The general rule of thumb is that packaged real foods don’t have more than five real ingredients.

*Bonus term- Paleo. This is pretty much living off the land. Similar to raw and real foods, except their is NO processing of any kind. So no grains or dairies.

Happy Cooking!

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30 Days of Thanksgiving – 10

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 10

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Blogging Mistake #1 Re-Posting

Bloggers aren’t perfect. I’ve seen bloggers re-post other bloggers posts and didn’t think much of it. That’s nice, you can post each others information as long as you give them credit…kind of.

I found a recipe on Facebook that was shared and shared and shared…so many times I almost quit searching for it’s origins until finally I found it. I know, I should’v looked there first. Ha ha.

I posted the recipe on my blog. Used the creators picture. Posted a link to the creators blog. Well, apparently that doesn’t work for recipes. I got a message from a friend telling me there’s a buzz going around the network she’s in about someone at Chicken Wranglers stealing her recipe. Wait a minute, I gave her credit and posted a link to her blog. What’s wrong?

I stole her traffic. I didn’t think that by posting the entire recipe there was no need for viewers to go to her blog. (Except that she had a lot of other great recipes). I removed the recipe, but left the picture with the link to her blog and a comment about the recipe. I also talked to the owner and made things right.

If you are using someone else’s picture, ask permission! If you are using someone else’s information, recipe or entire post, get permission if copy righted or give them credit and a link back to their post if not. Otherwise you’re stealing someone’s hard work and talent.

No Image Available

Read up on blogging etiquette! I’d post a link and picture, but they’re all copy righted. 🙂

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Dairy Diary – Ghee from a Tree

I had never heard of the word ghee until a couple of months ago. Basically, it’s clarified butter.

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Okay, so there is a little more to it than that. This is the story of the path from cow to ghee. Or whichever animal you choose to milk. Ghee originally came from India and is made from buffalo milk.  Here in America, we consume mostly cow or goat milk, so cow milk it is.

Trying to answer one question leads to five more questions, all the way back to what is “Raw” milk and what else can you do with it? That lead me to make this beautifully, informative “Dairy Tree”. I wanted to call this a “butter tree” so badly because growing up, that’s what my dad called cows, but that is only a fraction of what this is about. By the way, Raw refers to any food that is unprocessed, uncooked or cooked at a low temp.

Dairy Tree

So, from milk to cream to butter to ghee.

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