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Christmas Gift Ideas

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Merry Christmas!


Christmas Gift Ideas


Tongue Twisters                   More Free Apps                     More Free Apps  


Heart Rate Watch w/Running Sensor

Computerized Embroidery   Immersion Blender   Premium Party Grill


Artist Kits                                     Balance Bikes                          No Bark Collar


Dutch Ovens                       Beginner Sewing Machines     360 Xbox Holiday Bundle



The Grinch                 Christmas Music                      Nativity Toys


Candy Cane Tights

Product Details


Swiss Army Knife            Wood Card Box               Grilling Set


Handy Dad Kindle         Kuerig Coffee                              Movie Converter



Razor Riders                              Voice Changer                Stamp Sets


Headbanz Game                        V Tech Flashlight                    Little Tikes


         Timex Girls and Boys Watches                       Nickelodeon Dance – Wii

71r6lPx1gaL._SY679_            41uEQ17d3TL._SY300_             

Sequence for Kids                                  Sing Along CD Player



Artisan Baking Mats            Pyrex Mixing Bowls             Food Saver System


Kindle                                            Single Serve Blender            Camcorders

Kindle Fire HD        


Turtle Beach Headset       Dr Who Mug                      Dr Who Replica


Alarm Clocks                          Dumbbells                             Airbrush Kit


What do you want for Christmas?

30 Days of Thanksgiving – 2

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 2

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30 Days of Thanksgiving – 3

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 3
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Thanksgiving Day Menu

Thanksgiving Menu (1)

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New Year Starts With a Schedule

`What are your New Year Resolutions?
This year I want to get more organized. I need organization around the house, but more importantly, in my life. My first area to tackle…again, is time. I never have enough time to do the things I need/want to do.
I have a great book about scheduling your time, but like most procrastinators, I keep putting it off. My goal to help get organized this year, is to set up a blog by January 1st, 2013. (Check) Why a blog? I’m hoping it will help me to become more organized in my thoughts and goals, and therefore, better with my time. Now I’m ready to get back to the book.

I’m making a chart with the days of the week across the top and times from wake up – bedtime down the side in half hour increments.
Below is an example of a typical Wednesday.
I hope this helps anyone trying to get organized. I already have to do some tweaking on this one. Nap time isn’t happening until 2 and I’m not prepared for dinner. I’m going to use this week as a set up and adjustment week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Step 1: Put all timed events on your schedule. For me, this is Sunday- Church 11:00- 12:30. 1st and 3rd Mondays- Ministry 7:00pm-8:30pm….and so on. This would also include work and school. On my physical schedule, I also block off travel time and getting dressed/ready time.
Step 2: Schedule Quiet Time My earliest riser gets up at 7:00 am now, thank you Lord! So I get up about 6:00 am for quiet time and a cup of uninterrupted tea.
Step 3: Schedule flexible timed events. Meal times, naps for little ones, nursing babies…Allow for prep time if not included in chores.
Step 4: Schedule chores and extra-curricular activities Chores are daily, weekly and monthly, and include grocery shopping. Extra-curricular activities include anything from piano lessons to play dates to projects.

6:00am – dress/breakfast 2:00pm – (kids nap) projects
6:30am – devotions (blog) 2:30pm – kids up, changed, snack
7:00am – baby-change/dress and feed 3:00pm – (play outside) project-
7:30am – chores – feed animals 3:30pm – (play outside) project-
8:00am – family breakfast 4:00pm – kids- bath time
8:30am – (kids free play) chores – dishes 4:30pm – chores- dinner prep
9:00am – structured play-puzzles 5:00pm – Dinner
9:30am – pre-school activities 5:30pm – chores-dishes
10:00am – pre-school sctivities 6:00pm – get ready for church
10:30am – chores- errands 6:30pm – (travel time)
11:00am – chores- errand 7:00pm – Church 7-8:15
11:30am – chores – prep for lunch 7:30pm – Church
12:00pm – family lunch 8:00pm – Church
12:30pm – chores – dishe 8:30pm – (travel time)
1:00pm – (kids nap) projects – market prep 9:00pm – snacks, bed prep for kids
1:30pm – (kids nap) projecta- market prep 9:30pm – kids bedtime routine

If you’re doing this with me, be flexible with it.

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