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Fall Garland


A cute Fall garland of colorful leaves that match the Falling Leaves Curtain here.

You’ll need:

Construction paper- green, brown, red, yellow and orange.

Leaf stencils (or draw free hand) can be various shapes and sizes. I think one shape and size looked good too.

Pencil. brown  yarn, scissors, tape

What to do:CWLeafBanner

Trace or draw leaves and on construction paper.

Cut out shapes. Fold paper to cut 6 at once.

Cut a piece of yard as long as want your garland to be.

Draw veins on your leaves.

Tape leaves together.

Attach leaves to yarn. I find taping is easiest

Hang over windows or doorways by pinning or taping.


Use scrapbooking paper with patterns instead of construction paper.

Add glitter to leaves.

Have Fun!

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