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Fall Composting

This is the time of year when I do one final clean up before the weather starts to cool off. I clean the chicken coop, rake all the animal areas and any leaves that fell (not many here in Florida) and put everything into the compost pile.

This will probably be the last cleaning of the coop for a couple months. Unless it turns out to be a warm Fall. I leave the coop alone to create heat that helps keep the chicken warm during what few cold weeks we have.  More on “Winterizing Your Coop Florida Style” later.

For more on leaf composting and to see what a pile of leaves looks like, check out this post by City Girl Farming

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Falling Leaves Curtain

You’ll need:

Construction paper- green,


brown, red, yellow and orange.

Leaf stencils (or draw free hand) can be various shapes and sizes.


Yarn- Brown or green for vines or a color to match your backdrop.


Tape or stapler

What to do:CWKids

Trace or draw leaves on construction paper.

Cut out leaves- The more jagged the edges, the more cutting you have to do.

Add viens (Optional glitter)

Cut several pieces of yarn long enough to hang over windows.CWVeins

Attach leaves to yarn. I found taping across the back worked best for me.

Hang over windows by pinning or using Fall Clothes Pins.

Use several strings to make a curtain.


Use scrapbooking paper instead of construction paper.

Have Fun!

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